My Singing Monster Exclusive Guide & Gameplay to Progress Levels

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My singing monster is a simulation game in the mobile games category, the game is launched by Big Blue Bubble for all iOS and Android platforms. The graphics and designs are very smooth and compatible with every device. In the game, players have to make their world and decorate them as per their need and beautification. There are so many breeds of monsters that players have to collect, and it’s one the great task of the game.

Gameplay and about the game

The main movie of the game is that players have to make their world of islands. In My Singing Monsters, players have to buy every kind of breed monsters and evolve them to develop the progress of the game. There are various factors in order to develop monsters. Players have to provide the proper level of food supply and evolve them with the right monsters. Players can decorate the monsters and add new things to make their island attractive.

Players can purchase various islands, and every island is different from others. Players can add waterfalls, flowers, trees, rocks, castle, and many more things. Castle is especially used for the living of monsters, having a castle on the island allows the players to add more monsters on the island.

Some important features about the game

There are several amazing features added in the game, which makes it more interesting to play, and players don’t feel bored while playing it.

Players can play with friends

Playing with friends is always an amazing experience in any game, in My Monster Singing players can add friends globally. While playing with friends players can use many features together like they can compete with each other and also help to make the island better.

My Singing Monsters: Exclusive Details about Islands & Monsters

As we all know about monsters, they are non-existing things in the world, but since so many years, developers and publishers have tried to show the world how bad monsters are. But in the My Singing Monster, these are a cute monster, and they make their own world and sing in there. Players have to buy islands and decorate islands for the living of monsters.

Explore about Monsters and Islands

Total game is depending on the islands and monsters, which is a vital part of the game. In the game, players have to make their dream world and also they can decorate their newly islands. There are various factors that make the islands look beautiful.

There are many categories of natural islands are available in the game these are following below –

s  Plant

s  Cold

s  Air

s  Water

s  Earth

These are all-natural islands where players can do various tasks, and all these islands are havens look alike and decorate them is a very interesting thing.

Monsters are also categories in the elements, and in the game, there are more than 150 monsters which can be unlocked. Every monster in the game is unique, and many monsters are can only buy with currency, and some rare monsters are only unlocked by completing missions.

Playing My Singing Monsters is all packed with fun, and no player had any clue about something like this will be this much enjoyable to play, and now this game is popular all around the world.