Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – Gameplay and Features

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Kim Kardashian is a very popular woman in worldwide; with the help of Glu Games, they have released the game Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Kim is a fashion icon in the world and launched the same concept in the game. The main movie of the game is to be popular as a model and walk through Red Carpet, to do it there are several missions to complete in the game. Players can buy anything in the game with the help of money, and Kim Kardashian money cheats to gain unlimited currencies.


This game concept is base on modeling to being a celebrity. In the full game, the character is allowed to perform many tasks which required currency and energy boosts. Before starting any player should check the energy boost slot. If energy is not filled more than half, then the player should take longer time while finishing a task. In the game, the player has many choices which led the player to new missions. Some tasks take longer time and some does not take longer time to complete. But keep in mind and try to keep missions longer, because it rewards higher points to longer missions.

In the game, there are various types of tasks, every task connected to other tasks and complete those will unlock new tasks. Featured tasks are not hard but longer than usual. Sometimes tasks required money and star currency, so without wasting currency you can try Kim Kardashian money cheats.